Foods Rich in Potassium

Eating foods rich in potassium is highly recommended as it helps in both maintaining body fluid and electrolytes.

If you have not consumed enough potassium then you will face fatigue, increased frustration levels and increased blood pressure. You must make sure that you are consuming potassium in your daily diet otherwise you may be prone to developing a very short tempered nature. On the other hand, consuming too much potassium, at levels more than necessary, also has ill effects on your body. You may feel nausea or even subject yourself to a heart attack at the worst scenario due to over consumption of potassium rich foods. However, it is very rare to get excess potassium from eating natural foods.

List of Foods Rich in Potassium

There are several foods that are rich in Potassium easily available at the (super)market and if you can identify them, you can easily manage your diet plan so that it contains enough potassium to be healthy. You should aim for your diet plan to contain around 3.5 grams of potassium every day. Here are a few foods that have high content level of potassium.

Dried herbs like chervil, coriander, parsley, basil, dill, turmeric and oregano are worth mentioning.

Chervil and coriander contains 3% RDA of potassium per tablespoon,

Parsley contains 2% RDA of potassium per tablespoon and

The rest contains 1% RDA of potassium per tablespoon.Avocados can give you 14% of RDA but should be eaten raw to get this much potassium content.

Red chili powder has a very high content of potassium. It will give you 67% RDA per 100gm serving (but you are unlikely to eat that amount).

Cocoa powder and chocolate are liked by many people and consuming these foods will give you 37% RDA per cup.

Dried fruits such as apricot (53% RDA per 100gm), raisins (24% RDA per cup), and prunes (30% RDA per 100gm) provide an excellent source of potassium.

Dried nuts such as pistachios (30% RDA per ¾ cup), cashew nuts (18% RDA), almonds (21% RDA) and many others are also great.

Seeds of pumpkin and sunflower are also a good source of potassium.

Some kinds of fish such as tuna, salmon and few others are also consumed by many people for their high content of potassium.

Beans and dates are also included as foods in the ‘rich in potassium list.

The potassium rich foods can be consumed in many ways so that your body can absorb the potassium content properly after consuming it. Several foods can be eaten raw, or even eaten after being steamed cooked. You can also use these foods as an addition to salads. Other foods that have rich potassium content are banana, coconut water, orange juice, sun dried tomatoes, baked potatoes, molasses, calms, whey powder, rice barn, dried figs, watermelon seeds, sweet potatoes and yogurt.

Consuming foods rich in potassium helps to protect your body from osteoporosis. These foods also dramatically reduce the risk of strokes. You are also safer from the high blood pressure risk if you are regularly consuming the correct potassium quantities.