Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium is a vital mineral that is needed for good health. It is one of the minerals that are abundant in the body, and has numerous important metabolic functions as well. Most of the magnesium in the body is found in red blood cells, teeth and bones, whilst traces are also located inside the cells of body tissues.

Health Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is important as it serves various health functions in the body such as asthma treatment.  Regular intake of magnesium rich foods can provide relief for patients with asthmatic-related diseases, and helps in normalizing the breathing pattern of an individual.

Aside from asthma, the magnesium mineral can also help maintain bone health as it has a direct relation to bone density. Individuals suffering from severe backaches have been known to get relief from muscle tension by having a large consumption of magnesium rich food. Headache and migraine can also be treated with proper intake of magnesium or magnesium supplements. Recent studies have shown that magnesium also helps lower the risk of gall stones.

Magnesium Rich Foods

It is important that every person gets right amount of magnesium in the body. One should not overly worry about consuming too many natural nutrients, as these will be released by the body through urine, sweat and stools. Foods that are highly rich in magnesium are recommended to be taken regularly especially for those who are suffering from crucial magnesium deficiency symptoms.

List of Foods Rich in Magnesium

These are the main magnesium rich foods:

  1. Nuts. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pine nuts and Brazil nuts are great sources of magnesium.
  2. Whole Grains. Instead of using white flour, opt for cornmeal, barley and oat bran. These are highly rich in magnesium that also contains other essential nutrients for the benefit of one’s health.
  3. Green Leafy Vegetables. Lettuce, broccoli, spinach and other green leafy veggies contain huge amount of magnesium.  Health experts suggest that there should be at least one cup of green leafy vegetable every meal.
  4. Fish. Aside from providing Omega-3 and other essential minerals, fish is also rich in magnesium as well as protein. This is exceptionally great especially for those weight conscious individuals.
  5. Beans. Including white beans, black beans, lima beans and soya beans in one’s diet can provide huge amount of magnesium in the body.
  6. Fruits. Avocados, bananas, and papayas are highly rich in magnesium.
  7. Spices. Aside from adding flavor and taste to one’s dish, these can help spiced out one’s health as basil, paprika, parsley, peppermint and lemongrass contain a specific amount of magnesium.

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