Calcium Rich Foods List

An high intake of calcium is essential for keeping the bones and teeth healthy, and a person contains around  2% of calcium of total body weight.

Daily intake of this essential nutrient is vitally important because aside from the body’s high needs, certain amounts of calcium are excreted through urine, sweat and even in feces. This calcium rich food list will help in choosing foods that are rich in the mineral and in doing so should help in protecting the body against things such as, osteopenia, colon cancer and aiding the body’s transportation of nutrients.

Most individuals do not get the right amount of calcium, wherein severe deficiency of this mineral can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets. It is important to know the best food sources of calcium that can be included in ones daily diet, and this list should be helpful.


Calcium Rich Foods List Serving size Calcium per serving (mg)
Apples, raw, with skin 1 apple 8
Apricots, raw 1 apricot 5
Bananas, raw 1 banana 6
Blackberries, raw 1 cup 42
Grapefruit juice, pink, raw 1 cup 22
Mangos, raw 1 mango 21
Melons, cantaloupe, raw 1 cup 14
Orange juice, raw 1 cup 27
Papayas, raw 1 papaya 73
Peaches, raw 1 peach 6
Pears, raw 1 pear 15


Calcium Rich Foods List Serving size Calcium per serving (mg)
Beets 1 cup 26
Broccoli, raw 1 cup 41
Brussels sprouts, without sail 1 cup 56
Cabbage, raw 1 cup 28
Carrots, raw 1 cup 36
Cauliflower, without salt 1 cup 20
Celery, without salt 1 cup 63
Garlic, raw 1 clove 5
Lettuce, green leaf, raw 1 cup 20
Lima beans, large 1 cup 51
Mushrooms, white, raw 1 cup 2
Onions, raw 1 whole 25
Parsley, raw 10 sprigs 14
Radishes, raw 1 radish 1
Raisins, seedless 1 cup 73
Seaweed, kelp, raw 2 tbsp. 17
Shallots, raw 1 tbsp. 4
Spinach, raw 1 cup 30
Turnip greens, without salt 1 cup 197


Calcium Rich Foods List Serving size Calcium per serving (mg)
Nuts, cashew nuts, without salt 1 oz 13
Nuts, almonds, without salt 1 oz 75
Nuts, chestnuts 1 cup 41
Nuts, pecans 1 oz 20
Nuts, walnuts 1 oz 28
Nuts, pine nuts 1 oz 5

 Dairy Products

Calcium Rich Foods List Serving size Calcium per serving (mg)
Milk, whole 8 oz 272
Milk, buttermilk 8 oz 280
Milk, nonfat 8 oz 296
Milk, reduced-fat 8 oz 296
Yogurt, fruit, low fat 8 oz 318-384
Cheddar cheese 1.5 oz 306
Yogurt, plain 8 oz 415

We hope that you have found this calcium rich foods list useful.

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