Cobalt Element

Cobalt Element Facts Cobalt (Co) is an element that has the atomic number 27. The free element is hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal and is produced reductive smelting. It is found naturally only in a chemically combined form. The term cobalt originated from the German word “kobold” that means elf or goblin.

Zinc Dosage

Zinc is a metallic chemical element that is also called as spelter, referring to zinc alloys. In some aspects, zinc is chemically similar to magnesium as both of them have ions that have similar size and common oxidation state of positive two.

Cobalt Mineral

Cobalt is a shiny, gray, brittle metal that is used in creating an intense blue color in paints and glass. It is often used in manufacturing rechargeable batteries as well as in creating alloys that can maintain their strength even at very high temperatures.