Diabetes Facts and Information

What is Diabetes? It is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world today, but particularly in North America. Here are some facts for you: in this continent, we have access to so many different sweets and fast foods that it’s really no surprise how many people have contracted the disease.

Facts on the different types of Diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by a group of metabolic diseases represented by high blood sugar levels. These diseases are a result of defects in the body’s insulin secretion. It is a life-long medical condition, but it can be treated and controlled.

There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 Diabetes is also commonly known as Juvenile Diabetes, and it is caused when the pancreas, which regulates the secretion of insulin, is attacked by body. The pancreas is then unable to create insulin, and the body must depend on outside insulin medication to live.

Type 2 can be genetic, and it can also be caused by eating too much of the wrong foods. Type 2 Diabetes used to be found mainly in adults over thirty years if age, but because of the growing number of children exposed to high fat fast foods and sweets, Type 2 Diabetes has actually become more prevalent in children than in adults!

Symptoms of Diabetes

The symptoms of both types are the same. These symptoms can include increased thirst and urination, weight loss, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and blurred vision. However, not all of these symptoms alone can mean that you have Diabetes. So don’t panic f you’ve been dizzy lately – it may be something much simpler than Diabetes! There is never any harm in getting checked out by a doctor though, and if you do have quite a few of these symptoms, remember, it is better to get tested and find that you don’t have the disease than to brush it off and regret it later on. So in conclusion what is diabetes? It is a serious disease that should always be taken seriously.

What are the causes of diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 or childhood , and type 2 or adult onset. Both forms are the result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin to balance blood sugar levels and to keep them consistent. However, the cause of diabetes in children is different from the cause in adults. Childhood diabetes is a genetic condition while in the adult it is caused by obesity, overeating and lack of exercise.

Importance of blood sugar levels

With both forms of diabetes it is very important for individuals to be hyper-aware of their blood sugar levels. This can be done with testing strips and blood tests, but it can also be felt by an experienced diabetic. Although neither childhood nor adult diabetes can be fully cured, both types of diabetes can be controlled with a strictly controlled diet and insulin products.

Cause of childhood diabetes

The two types of diabetes are not treated the same way, the cause of diabetes in children is that the pancreas stops producing insulin producing beta cells. When these beta cells are no longer produced, then insulin is no longer produced and the body has a very difficult time maintaining even blood sugar levels. Adult diabetes is caused by a combination of the insulin producing beta cells slowing their production of insulin and by insulin resistance. Insulin resistance happens when the insulin receptors in the cells stop being receptive to insulin. However, this happens very early in the onset and can be counteracted with therapy. If the condition is allowed to worsen, the insulin receptors become permanently resistant and it usually becomes necessary to treat the disease with doses of insulin products.

Both childhood and adult diabetes are very dangerous to the people who are affected by them. However, while they are dangerous they are easily managed by modern medicine and constant vigilance.

Diagnosing Diabetes Symptoms

The reason that so many people with diabetes go undiagnosed is that the symptoms usually seem quite harmless. Most of the diabetes symptoms can be attributed to other less serious problems, so most people don’t seek care upon encountering them. However, it has been proven that early detection of the illness can lessen its effects in the long run.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to know and understand the symptoms of this illness. One of the most common is frequent urination. Although this could in fact be harmless, it is one of leading indicators of diabetes. A few of the other most common symptoms are excessive hunger and thirst. If you notice that you are crazing food or liquids much more than ever before, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

One of the less common symptoms includes excessive weight loss. If you have noticed that your weight has dropped significantly, this could be a sign of diabetes. If you cannot properly attribute the reason for your weight loss, it could signify a problem. This can also be a symptom for a number of other illnesses, so it is important to get checked out.

Common Symptoms of diabetes

Another fairly common side effect is increased fatigue. This does not mean just not being able to wake up to the alarm in the morning. If you have noticed that no matter how much sleep you get, you are tired all day, you should visit your doctor.

Irritability is another one of the many diabetes symptoms. If you have noticed that you are getting upset over relatively small things, then you should probably visit your doctor. If you are increasingly irritable and have any one of these other symptoms it is important to see your physician immediately. The key to beating it is discovering it early, so get involved in your own health.

Diabetes Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” We have all heard this old adage a few times, and it is certainly true – especially when it comes to Type 2 Diabetes. Unfortunately, Type 1, (also known as Juvenile Diabetes) is not preventable because it is either genetic or it is a defect in the pancreas.

With the ever growing market of fast foods and high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar foods in North America today, it can seem impossible to prevent Diabetes, but it is possible. All it really takes is a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise to prevent the condition. If you already have Diabetes, following these rules can certainly prevent the disease from getting worse than it already is.

Preventing Diabetes by reducing obesity

Sometimes Type 2 Diabetes cannot be preventable because the pancreas stops producing enough insulin, but Type 2 is not quite as serious as Type 1 because there is usually no need for outside insulin injections. However, even though these varieties of Type 2 Diabetes isn’t necessarily preventable, but if you are still able to follow a healthier lifestyle and a regular exercise routine, you should be able to keep your Diabetes to a bare minimum.

Doctors, Scientists and Nutritionists all agree that obesity is one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes in North America to date. If you are obese, it would be best to consult you doctor about it and try your best to follow a healthy diet so as to reduce the risk of contracting Type 2. It is always so sad to hear that a friend or family member discovers that they have the condition when it could have been prevented all along. Don’t run the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There is no cure for Diabetes of any type, so prevention of any kind is worth its weight in gold.

Diabetes Management

For those who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, injecting themselves with doses of insulin is considered to be a daily routine. For those who have just recently become diagnosed with diabetes, the thought of constantly injecting yourself with a needle everyday may sound a bit intimidating. But rest assured, by using diabetes management for your insulin injections, this will help to make the entire process a lot less painful and a lot less fearful.

Diabetes Management Routine

As part of your diabetes management routine, you need to inject yourself with insulin multiple times per day. Insulin injection is considered to be less painful than pricking your finger to test your blood/sugar levels with a lancet device. By understanding the proper way to inject yourself with insulin, this will cause far more effectiveness and a lot less pain in the long run.

Insulin is considered to be less painful if you decide to inject it into the upper arm or abdomen area of your body. The insulin is absorbed faster in these areas. It’s often a good idea to rotate your areas of injections. If you do want to inject yourself in the same area as before, a good measure would be to inject yourself approximately one inch away from the previous injection area.

Once you have your insulin supplies together, keep in mind that you will not need to use an alcoholic swab for the injection. This in fact makes it more painful. It is very important that you wash your hands thoroughly and keep the area of injection clean before you inoculate yourself with insulin.

After you have washed your hands and cleaned your injection area, pinch your injection area with one hand and using other hand, hold the syringe as if it were a pencil and inject the needle into your skin at a 90 degree angle. Take your time and push down slowly on the injector to inoculate yourself with the insulin injection. Take the needle out and be sure to dispose of it in your sharps container.

What are diabetes test strips?

Diabetes test strips are an integral part of blood testing for diabetics. There are electronic test strips and regular test strips which require a sort of chemistry kit. Electronic diabetes test strips automatically test the blood and immediately give a number that refers to blood sugar level. Electronic test strips are much more convenient since they require significantly less blood than the older type of test strips and there is much less room for error since there is no need for chemistry. Moreover, many digital diabetes test strips allow the user to store their results so they can observe trends in their blood sugar levels. Additionally, they are able to share these numbers with their doctors. This is important since it allows individuals to understand more about their condition so that they might more efficiently manage the condition.

Testing blood sugar levels using test strips

It is important for diabetics to be able to test their blood sugar levels with diabetes test strips because they need to be able to monitor their blood sugar levels. This is necessary because if a diabetic person’s blood sugar gets too high or too low they get very ill and can fall into a coma. By being able to know their blood sugar levels diabetics are able to determine when they have to take their insulin supplements, and how much they have to take. Without knowing what their current blood sugar level is they would be unable to know exactly how much insulin to take.

Diabetes test strips have become increasingly more technologically advanced. These advancements have made them more accurate while requiring less blood. While test strips still require a small sample of blood, it is likely that the amount of blood required for an accurate reading will become even less as this technology becomes more advanced.

The Most Effective Diabetes Treatments

Anyone who suffers from diabetes knows the importance of monitoring their blood sugar levels. This is the most important aspect of diabetes treatment. The goal of this process is to ensure that the levels of blood sugar never rise dramatically and remain in the ‘safe zone’. It is also important to ensure that there is never a very low level of blood sugar.

Effective treatment using insulin

Insulin has also been a very effective treatment for the illness. It was discovered in the 1920’s and has since given sufferer’s a new lease on life. However, the treatment options for people with diabetes depend on the particular case. Some people who suffer from type 1 diabetes will be treated with a combination of insulin, exercise and a proper diet. However, people with type 2 diabetes will first be treated with a weight loss program, followed by a proper diet and nutrition.

If these methods are not enough to keep a regular blood sugar level, there are other treatments that are considered. Pills are usually the first step as they can help control the levels in a diabetic patient. If oral medication is not sufficient, insulin is usually the next approach.

Diet is the most important part to an effective diabetes treatment. It is very important that anyone with the illness adheres to this diet because it is the most important part of ensuring a proper blood sugar level. Fat, cholesterol and sugar should be avoided as part of a proper diabetic diet.

If you are one of the many people that absolutely must have a sugary treat now and then, you should do so within reason. It is okay to have one sugary item once a week, as long as your levels have been consistently balanced. However, you should only have a small portion. Fruits and vegetables are another important feature of the diabetic diet.

Using Diabetes medication

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you must manage your blood glucose levels. This can be achieved by eating a properly planned meal, losing weight and exercising regularly. Unfortunately, these solutions may not bring down your blood glucose levels. In order for your blood glucose levels to lower, you will require the need for diabetes medication.

Types of diabetes medication

Diabetes medication ranges from oral pills to insulin shots. If you are suffering from the effects of type 1, you will require an insulin injection. Those who suffer from diabetes type 2 can produce reduced rates of insulin, but may require oral pills or insulin shots, or even both to help boost the rate of insulin through their body to uptake the level of blood glucose.

For those with type 2 diabetes who take the oral medication, the medicine itself works to fight the effects of hypoglycemia by producing insulin through the body. After the insulin becomes produced, it works to reduce the level of glucose within the blood.

For those with type 1 diabetes, insulin inoculations are necessary as they’re body simply cannot produce insulin to combat the hypoglycemia. You will require an injection to get insulin pumping through your body to help lower the levels of blood glucose.

Diabetes is currently the third largest cause of death within North America and affects over 18 million people. And 15 million of those people may not even realize that they have the disease. If you have been diagnosed, it’s very important to remember that you will be going through a change of lifestyle. Eating properly, exercising regularly and losing weight will help to manage your glucose level, but in order to bring those levels down, your medication is an essential requirement in controlling the diabetes disease.

Medicinal herbs for diabetes

Diabetes is usually treated with insulin; however there are several medicinal herbs that can be used to supplement insulin and diets and be used as alternatives. Medicinal herbs for diabetes help because they are a healthy solution. Herbs are beneficial because they are non-invasive. They are a healthy way for dealing with diabetes without having to resort to drugs and without having to be quite diligent about dietary habits.

Plants used in the fight against diabetes

Diabetes has afflicted humans for thousands of years, and before we figured out how to use insulin to treat the disease, it was treated with herbs. Many different types of plants exist which can either raise or lower a person’s blood sugar level. Examples of some of these plants are bitter melon, onions and even garlic. Some more exotic examples are Asian ginseng, bilberry, and gingko. The benefits of herbs for diabetes are many.

Most herbs for diabetes are taken orally. Some are made into teas; others are simply swallowed in their extract forms. While they may not taste very good, they are very effective for managing diabetes. Diabetes is not a curable disease, but it is treatable. Common treatments for diabetes include careful dieting, insulin treatments and herbal remedies. Many of the herbs for diabetes also serve as liver tonics also, so when you are taking your treatments for diabetes, you are also assisting your liver. In fact, most of the herbs that are useful for helping with blood sugar levels have other effects as well. For instance, garlic and onions are also useful for lowering lipid levels, while blueberry leaves help with to reinforce the capillaries.

Herbs are useful for both childhood diabetes and adult diabetes. However, while particular herbs are good for managing blood sugar levels, there are some that are dangerous for young children and should not be used as a diabetes alternative medicine. For example, herbs such as bitter melon are very useful for lowering blood sugar. However, they can be very harmful to young children and can give them intense diarrhea.

The Most Effective Diabetes Care

Diabetes has been around for centuries but the advancements in diabetes care are making it a much more tolerable illness. There are a variety of ways that this has been accomplished but the discovery of insulin in the 1920’s was the biggest development. Insulin has led to an increase in the quality of life for thousands of sufferer’s.

Effective diabetes care

Pill’s specifically engineered for diabetes appeared in the 1950’s which also contributed to the fight against this illness. The latest development in treatment has been glucose monitoring equipment. This latest discovery has made it possible for people with diabetes to care for themselves without the aid of a doctor’s office. There are also active lifestyle changes that can attribute to keeping this illness under control.

If you suffer from diabetes, one of the most important things to remember is to test your blood glucose levels regularly. This is the most accurate way to find out if your diet and fitness level is enough to keep your body going. With the results from the test, you will be able to judge how your current levels of care are working and make adjustments. You will be able to tell if you are missing something in your diet or are simply not getting enough exercise.

You doctor should be able to recommend a good range for your blood glucose level to be at. When you are out of this range, you will instantly know that there are changes to be made. At first you may want to consult with your doctor to interpret the changes but you will soon become familiar with what the test signifies. However, it is important to check your levels regularly in order to catch any possible problems that may arise. The blood glucose test will allow you to take your diabetes care into your own hands.

Pregnancy and diabetes

There are only two main types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. However, there is also a smaller, less commonly known type of Diabetes called Gestational Diabetes, and this type can appear in pregnant women. However, Gestational Diabetes usually leaves the body after the baby has been born.

Around 4 percent of pregnant women have Gestational Diabetes, and it is caused when the woman’s blood sugar levels get too high during pregnancy. It starts when the body isn’t producing enough insulin anymore, and a pregnant woman can need up to three times more insulin than usual during pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes usually starts to affect the mother during the last part of the pregnancy, when the baby is already developed. While the baby is still growing, it will not be born with any birth defects.

However, if Gestational Diabetes is not treated or looked after properly, this disease can hurt your baby by causing it to become obese, even in the womb! This can cause damage to the baby’s shoulders during birth as well.

Fortunately, this temporary disease is very treatable. Treatments are usually keeping the blood sugar down, healthy eating plans, and regular exercise. Unfortunately, two out of three women will have Gestational Diabetes return during future pregnancies, and many women will go on to develop Type 2 Diabetes after pregnancy. It is unknown right now whether this is a result of Gestational Diabetes, or if the Type 2 Diabetes had started during pregnancy.

If you are a pregnant woman with Diabetes, it doesn’t have to be a scary process. Just see your doctor regularly, listen to his or her instructions carefully, and take good care of yourself. Diabetes doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful to you or your baby. As long as you do things right, you do not have to worry.

Symptoms of Adult Diabetes

Adult diabetes, or type 2 diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes in the United States. Type 2 diabetes account for over 90% of diabetes cases. With this type of diabetes, the pancreas stops making enough insulin to balance the body’s blood sugar levels. Recently, adult diabetes has been becoming more and more of an issue in the United States. This has largely been attributed to obesity and lack of exercise.

Adult diabetes type 2 symptoms

The most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes are excessive urination, slow rate of healing, fatigue and increased appetite and thirst. If you think that you have developed diabetes it is imperative that you see a doctor immediately. The most common way to diagnose diabetes is with a blood test.

While there is no cure for diabetes, there are many ways for managing the condition. While insulin injections are unavoidable for many diabetics, there are many ways to manage the disease with diet alone. Diabetics have to be very aware of their blood sugar levels and any food or drink that significantly spikes blood sugar is to be avoided. In effect, any food or drinks with high levels of sugar are to be avoided. It is important to recognize that even some foods or drinks that do not necessarily have sugar in them may have chemicals that the body turns into glucose. Alcohol is the best example of this, because the body processes alcohol into sugar.

While it is important to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels, it is also necessary to avoid drops in blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is very important that people with adult diabetes have access to frequent meals and snacks. For many people who develop the condition as an adult, it is imperative that they learn to remember to eat snacks throughout the day in between meals to make sure their blood sugar levels remain consistent.

Children and Diabetes

The words “children and Diabetes” really shouldn’t be able to be linked together. Unfortunately, however, the number of children who have this disease has grown quite a bit in the last few years, causing scientists, doctors and nutritionists to quite a bit of alarm. One of the reasons for this alarm is because it is Type 2 that has grown so rapidly in children.

Type 2 diabetes used to be only found in adults, but for the last few years, it has overtaken Type 1 diabetes (also known as Juvenile Diabetes) and left it far behind in the dust. Sadly, Type 2 can usually be prevented with as little as more regular exercise and healthier eating habits.

Fast food, children and diabetes

The amount of fast food and foods with high fats and sugars being consumed by people of all ages, but especially children these days is alarming. Parents really need to watch what their children are consuming. Between McDonald’s, Wendy’s, pop, chips, cookies and all the rest, it really is no surprise that more and more children are contracting Type 2 Diabetes.

Perhaps the saddest thing about children with the condition is that it is a life long disease. While it is controllable, the disease does shorten the patient’s lifespan, and it can also create problems with pregnancy, weight gain, and the list is steadily growing.

Diabetes can be prevented. Watch what you eat. Watch what your children eat. Make sure you and your loved ones are getting enough regular exercise – even a twenty minute walk a day will do it. Remember, the words “children and Diabetes” don’t have to be linked together; not if you do what you can to stop it. Please try your best to prevent this largely preventable disease.

Diabetes and exercise

Diabetes, especially type 2 or adult onset diabetes is becoming an increasing threat in the United States. One of the biggest reasons for this is overeating and obesity. However, while it cannot be cured, it can be prevented by keeping yourself at a healthy weight. It is very important to recognize the connection between diabetes and exercise.


Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard, especially in our crazy modern world where it feels like we can’t even find time to breathe let alone go to the gym for an exercise session. However, there are several very basic things that can be done to help keep off the flab and stave off the condition.

When you have the option between the stairs and an elevator or an escalator, take the stairs. Sure, you’ll get to your business meeting a little bit sweatier than your colleagues, but you’ll be burning crucial calories by those daily walks up and down the stairs. Even better, you’ll be saving yourself from diabetes and exercise at the gym.

Lifestyle changes can help in the fight against diabetes

Over the course of a work day, most people drive their cars to work, drive to lunch and drive home. However, most people who live in a city have the option of taking public transportation such as the subway or busses. Not only will you be saving on gas by using public transportation, you will also be getting the blood pumping by walking just those few blocks between your apartment, the subway and your business. Better yet, if you only have a few miles to go in the morning, consider riding a bicycle. You will be getting in that important exercise in the morning that could save you from diabetes, and you will be keeping your blood pressure down by not having to deal with traffic every morning. Double bonus!

How to Plan the Perfect Diabetes Diet

Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes has probably been made aware of how important proper nutrition is. There are a variety of factors in a proper diet and it is important to understand them all. There have been many different theories of the proper meals for diabetics over the years but there has finally been some conclusion.

The Food Pyramid

It is very important for sufferer’s to follow the guidelines that are listed in the food pyramid. It is also very important to monitor the intake of carbohydrates. Another important tip is to have a regular eating schedule. If you eat at the same time every day and eat approximately the same amount, your blood sugar levels will be more stable. Many people with this illness find the change in eating patterns to be a chore at first. However, after only a few months it will become second nature.

Diabetes diet tip

Another good diabetes diet tip is to eat more items with starch. This can include anything from bread to cereal. It is imperative to have at least six servings of starch per day. It is also recommended that you eat five or six fruits or vegetables on a daily basis. This will allow you to try out different exotic fruits that you may have never tried before.

One of the most crucial points is to monitor your intake of sugar. If you absolutely must have sugar or sweets, limit it to once or twice a week. As well, only eat half of what you would normally eat. Your sugar levels are a very important part to keeping you healthy, so you need to be careful. Just because you have been diagnosed with diabetes it does not mean that your days of eating great food are over. You will be able to discover countless new and healthier treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Diabetes control

Did you know that diabetes affects well over 18 million people? Are you also aware that diabetes has been rated as the third leading cause of death within the United States? And yet sadly, there is no cure for diabetes, only control. It’s through this diabetes control factor where victims of this terrible disease must consider focusing on leading a different lifestyle. Changes must be made through eating proper meals, exercising regularly and losing weight.

Control is in effect for a diagnosed patient. Their entire life changes in an instant as they work to help control this disease. But regardless of being diagnosed with diabetes, you can still live a happy and prosperous life. Even though your lifestyle, meal habits and exercise routines have changed, it doesn’t mean your life has cast a dark shadow upon you. Million of diagnosed diabetes patients are able to still do their favorite hobbies and activities regardless of the disease they possess.

So even if you’re diagnosed with either type 1 and type 2 diabetes, did you know that less medication can be used if the individual considers using certain herbs for treatment?

Herbs used to control diabetes include:

Cinnamon: Shown to reduce the amount of insulin necessary to lower your blood glucose levels.

Huckleberry: This works to increase the strength of one’s immune system, digestion and improves circulation of the blood through your hands and feet.

Zinc: Helps the pancreas to produce insulin for the body.

Chromium: Helps cells in the body to respond to insulin that is naturally produced.

You can find a lot more information on herbs that help combat diabetes online. By using these herbs and looking toward a positive outcome with this sudden lifestyle change, you can lead a prosperous life just like you always have before you even knew you had this disease.

Diabetic supplies

If you have been recently diagnosed with the condition, keep in mind that you are not alone. There are thousands of individuals who are becoming diagnosed with diabetes everyday, and the last drawback you want to have is spending a lot of money on diabetic supplies.

Discount Diabetic Supplies

Having patients overcharged with diabetic supplies is completely wrong. Like anyone else, all you want to do is lead a normal life. Regardless of the supplies you need, for anyone who has a limited budget, they can get the diabetic supplies necessary at a discount rate through certain online pharmacies.

Whether you require syringes, diabetic lancets, swabs or diagnostic devices, many online pharmacies can provide you with top quality diabetic supplies at a discount rate. There should never ever be a need to pay a fortune for your supplies. Any providers that sell diabetic supplies at a rate that is outrageous shouldn’t even be considered.

By doing a Google search, you can find hundreds of trustworthy online drug stores that will deliver you anything you need for your diabetes. You can literally save hundreds of dollars and get everything you need that fits within range of your budget.

If you don’t care to do any form of ordering online, check purchasing your supplies through a diabetic supply company. The potential benefit of a supply company is that they will deliver your supplies directly to you without you having to approach them in person. This is extremely helpful for anyone who has a severe case and limited mobility. Diabetic supply companies also offer excellent discounts for all of your supply needs.

Diabetes Statistics

The disease is a rapidly growing one, especially in North America, where fast foods and foods with high amounts of sugar are much more prevalent and available than in other parts of the world. Diabetes statistics do not look good as they have grown too much over the years – particularly in children.

More and more children are contracting Type 2 Diabetes these days than ever before. This fact is significant because Type 2 used to be only found in adults! Again, statistics state that this is because of the amount fast foods and sweets that children are consuming from day to day.

Diabetes has not stopped growing with just the children though; adults have also witnessed a boost in numbers. The foods eaten and the exercise not done have also contributed heavily to the growth in adult Diabetes.

USA Diabetes statistics

Not only has Diabetes increased in the last few years, but it is Type 2 Diabetes that is the one that has increased. Statistics show that 90 to 95 percent of the 20.8 million people with the disease in the United States have Type 2 Diabetes. This is an alarming fact because Type 2 Diabetes is the type that can usually be prevented with a healthier diet and regular exercise. The culture we live in as North Americans is definitely contributing a lot to the growth of Type 2 Diabetes.

Statistics also state that out of the 20.8 million people in America that have Diabetes, only 14.6 million people have been diagnosed with the disease. That leaves 6.2 million people who have not been diagnosed, and whose lives are in danger because they may not know that they have Diabetes.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Diabetes, please get checked for the disease promptly. This is one test that it is better to fail than not to take at all, and your doctor will not mind testing you!